Update on Downton Abbey binge .. and the bit I got wrong!

Matthew Crawley-Lady Mary - Downton Abbey
Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary Crawley in that famous scene. Image courtesy PBS.

In my previous post about Downtown Abbey, I wrote – wrongly – that there had been no explanation of how Matthew Crawley came to be the heir to Lord Grantham.

Well, I only had to wait until Season 3 – I had forgotten that Matthew explained it to Martha Levinson (played by Shirley MacLaine), Mary’s American grandmother.

Matthew’s great, great grandfather was the younger son of the third earl.

And, it appears, Dan Stevens was apologising FOR YEARS for having been written out of the series because he didn’t want to sign a new contract.

I’m a good way into Series 3 now. This wonderful fictional world is great inspiration for writers of fiction, particularly those who delve into the past for their stories.

In this time of pandemic with many people suffering, the safest place to be is by yourself with your head in a book! Who would have thought it!

To those who have suffered loss, my heartfelt sympathies.



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