Social distancing? Writers are used to it.

rewrite edit text on a typewriter

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I couldn’t help but think that writers are probably the one group of people most suited to social distancing … but even we get to a point where we need to see another human being and interact with someone, at least with our loved ones.

I feel really sorry for people who live alone during this time of social distancing. It must be quite difficult.

When you think about it, the stories people tell and the stories people read are about characters interacting with other characters.

As I work towards the next Belleville novel – yes, I know, it was meant to be a trilogy but I can’t leave them be – I find myself distracted by the sadness of the daily toll this virus is taking on everyone.

Fortunately, in Australia, we haven’t fared too badly.

Let’s hope for a quick resolution to this terrible pandemic. In the meantime, stay safe and do what is necessary to stay well.




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