Return to Prior Park – book 3 of the Belleville family saga

OK a quick para about my life in the past few months.

I’ve given up my day job – well almost. I was publisher of Australian Defence Magazine which I started back in 1993. 25 years on it was time for me to wave goodbye (almost). Still offering advice and insight to the new management team (when asked) and keeping that very unsexy part of magazine publishing – the subscription list – up to date. In all the marketing talk I hear, I never read of anyone talking about the grass roots stuff that contributes so much to success …. attention to the smallest detail.

Why did I start a Defence magazine in Australia – that is now the most successful magazine of its type in the market? It seemed like a good idea at the time and I had a lot of luck along the way.

2018 has seen a big change in my life. Do I miss the grind of magazine publishing? Not at all.

My husband I have sold our house, moved to a retirement resort (pictured) on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast (which lives up to its name by the way). In deep winter it’s around 7 degrees in the morning warming to 23 degrees C during the day, with bright blue skies most days. We are about 10-12 minutes from the beach. The resort facilities include a cinema and a substantial library and the usual stuff like tennis courts and gyms and pools and yes, even vegetable gardens.

I’ve handed around copies of my book and just now ran into a friend who had just read them and of course wants book no.3 …. so rest assured I’m getting motoring on that.

By the way, mainstream publishers say FAMILY SAGAS ARE DEAD – no one wants to read them. That is not my experience!!!

Return to Prior Park is coming …. soon. To follow on from The House of Secrets: Julia’s Story and To Love, Honour and Betray.

Where to for the Belleville family in book 3 and most of all Julia Belleville. I’ll say no more now – I don’t want to spoil the story for those who will read the trilogy for the first time when book 3 is published. But consider the themes – the men may appear to play important roles but it is the women whose lives give richness and depth to the Belleville story. MORE SOON, I promise.

#romance #rural romance #J Mary Masters #Belleville family #Julia and Philippe

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